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Sekitani Q16
  • Sekitani Q16

    Sekitani Q16 Mute Pressure Boosting Pump


    Technical Data:

    Controller Input Voltage: AC 110~240V , 50Hz/60Hz 2.5A

    Output Voltage: DC24V
    Rotation: 1,500–10,000 r/min
    Max.Flow: 1.5m³/h (25 l/m) 
    Max. Head:  16m (52ft)
    Max.Power: 95W

    Pump Starting Mode: By flow sensor

    Max System Pressure / Inlet Pressure: 10bar / 6bar
    Inlet & Outle: 1/2 inch

    Max.Ambient Temp.:  55℃ (131℉)

    Min.Ambient Temp.:   2℃    (35.6℉)
    Max.Medium Temp.:   90℃ (194℉)

    Min.Medium Temp.:    2℃ (35.6℉)

    Ingress Protection Grade(IP): IP57

    Insulation Class: F
    Pump liquid:  Fresh water with a maximum chloride content of 300ppm



    • Taps
    • Shower head
    • Gas water heater
    • Solar water heater
    • Air-source water heater
    • Wash machine
    • Dish-washing machine
    • Water purifier
    • Air-conditioner system
    • Condenser
    • Smart toilet


    Smart Q16 with intelligent sensor:

    Smart Q16 is free from complicated setup. It could start to  work as long as power on. At the right moment you use water Q16 will sensor the need, and start to work to change the  small flow to mass flow. Q16 will stop automatically when people stop using water.


    High-efficient& Secure Healthy& Eco-friendly 

    24V safe voltage 

    • Usually, the water pump ' s input voltage is 220V alternating current. If there ' s some electric leakage, people may suffer an electric shock hazard. 



    Water and electricity isolation

    • Q16 motor shaft is made of SS304 and applied the graphene bearing. All the pump parts may touch water are made of insulating polymer material, which could isolate the water and electricity completely. Even if the 24V power adapter suffers damage and the 220V alternating current stream to Q16 there will be no electric shock hazard. 


    IP57 protection grade 

    • Q16 waterproof grade could reach to IP57.
    • Under the general temperature and pressure, even if you put the whole pump in the water with a depth of Imetter, to use for 30minutes, the electronic components still will not be soaked.


    DC Motor 

    • Q16 is a high-efficient product. which has broken up the tradition. If a family consumes electricity three hours a day, Q16 only needs 0.2 kilowatt hour of power a day. 
    • Q16 has a nickname, 'energy-saving prince". 

    Fashionable& Durable 

    • Q16 pump casing has gone through 26 process of strict finish machining and 19 process of surface anodic oxidation treatment, making the material and technology integrated. Thus, Q16 looks more fashionable and works more durable. Even when it works in a wet and harsh environment, it won't get damaged for 30000 hours. 

    Eco-friendly& Healthy 

    • Q16 is strictly produced according to the PAHS, ROHS, WARS standard. All the pump parts may touch water are made of insulating polymer material, which had greatly reduce the secondary pollution on water. And make it more healthy and easier for customers to use water. 


    Small but Great 

    • Q16 has the size of an ordinary vacuum cup. The pump has gone through strict performance test and reliability testing, among which we have made the pump start and stop for 260000 times. 
    • The water we used for testing is about 12000 cbm. which could be used by a family of three people for 8 to 10 years. Q16 is a auality product that is quaranteed by professional testing.


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