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Sekitani H45
  • Sekitani H45

    Sekitani H45 Permanent Magnet VF Pump


    Technicle Data:

    Voltage: single phase200-240V
    Rotation: 4980–5200 r/min
    Max.Flow: 5m³/h
    Hmax.: 45m(147feet)
    Max.Power: 750W/1HP/0.75KW
    Inlet &Outle Diam.: 1 inch/25mm
    Max.Suction head: 8m


    Max.Ambient Temp.: 55℃(131℉)
    Max.Medium Temp.: 80℃(176℉)
    Max.System Pressure: 10bar(145PSI,1MPa)
    IP grade:IPX4D
    Pump liquid: Fresh water with a maximum chloride content of 300ppm


    Brief Introductions:
    SEKITANI/H45 is a one-in-all VF household pressure boosting system, which brings you perfect water using experience.

    You could enjoythe pleasant showering time.


    Constant pressure at all times:
    Even if other family members have opened other water points. Such as another bathroom, kitchen, faucet, watering the garden.

    You don't have to worry about the discomfort caused by changes in water pressure.


    SEKITANI/H45 water pump is so compact and runs so quietly,

    You may not notice when it run.


    Permanent magnet motor = High-efficient & Energysaving

    • Sekitani H45 applies permanent magnet motor, which shares the same material as the high train’s permanent magnet. The high rotation of 5200rpm has provided strong power for H45. At the same working condition, H45 could save 70% more electricity than the ordinary asynchronous motor. 


    VF Constant Pressure = All taps at all time

    • H45 has powerful information processing ability. It is able to adjust the rotation based on the customers’ water using situation.
    • The problem of being hot and cold, small and large, which troubled the traditional pump, will not happen any more.




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