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MPQ 150 / MPQ 250

MPQ 150 / MPQ 250

MPQ 150

Power: 150W

Frequency/Voltage: 50Hz/220V

Flow: 55m³/h

Air intake: 8m³/h

Air inlet: 25mm

Best depth: 0.3 - 0.7m


MPQ 250

Power: 250W

Frequency/Voltage: 50Hz/220V

Flow: 80m³/h

Air intake: 13m³/h

Air inlet: 25mm

Best depth: 0.3 - 1.0m



  • Adopts new deep submersible pump motor technology, special mixed flow jet mechanism, strong water jet capacity, can jet out water up to 8 meters, increases water flow, and has long service life.
  • Promote koi to be more active and strong, makes fish healthier with better body and skin texture, and enhances the fishes’ elegance as they swim.
  • Improve pond breeding level and increases economic benefits.
  • Energy-saving, low noise, large water column and oxygen mixing capacity, highly suitable for fish growth.
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