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MOK-3100 (MOK110-100)

MOK-3100 (MOK110-100)

Power (HP/W): 1/8 (100W)

Voltage (V): 240

Rotation P/rpm: 4P/1450

MAX. FLOW m3/h: 30

MAX. HEAD (M): 1.6

OUTLET (mm): 110



  • Double mechanical seals imported from Italy with high quality abrasion resistant graphite and ceramics
  • Made of 316L corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump shaft, 304 stainless steel motor housing, pump housing and other superior materials
  • The motor is equipped with overheating protection device
  • It has the advantages of small power, large flow, 24-hour continuous operation, energy saving and good durability, low noise, easy installation and beautiful appearance



Especially suitable for large flow circulation water of mariculture industry and ornamental fish pond, especially good for koi.

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