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CT42032F         (Triple Filtration System)
  • CT42032F (Triple Filtration System)

    CROWN Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    Power: 1600W

    Working Preassure: 18 Kpa

    Air Flow: 33 L/S

    Voltage: 240V

    Frequency: 50Hz

    Tank Load; 30 L

    Motor: 1


    Crown 10 in 1 Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

    1) Adjustable Function for Vacuuming / Blowing

    2) Strong Blower Function

    3) When Suction Pressure Low, Press the Cleaning Button

    4) Telescopic Tube Design

    5) Three Vacuum Accessories Replacement

    6) Wet / Dry Vacuum Type

    7) Wet Filter

    8) Three Segments Filtration Dust Vacuum

    9) Electric Synchronozation Function

    10) Easily to Organize Wires


    Design features of the power tool

    Triple outlet air cleaning system The system allows for effective removal of fine dust (plaster, soot, etc.).

    When sucked in, dust comes into fabric dust bag where the largest parts accumulate.

    Then the air flow goes through water in the base - water moistens and collects fine dust particles.

    After that the airflow goes through HEPA-filter where air is finally cleaned.

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